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Carpet and Upholstery Dry Cleaning


...Drytech's staff is very professional ...

Our carpets always look great.

   — Jeff Betts, CEO Landmark Insurance Agency



25 yrs...Orlando's Finest Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaner



Dry Carpet Cleaning


A well maintained carpet can keep your home looking newer longer. Drytech Carpet Cleaning offers the fastest drying, deepest cleaning service available. We use exclusive eco-friendly

dry shampoos. Our professionally trained technicians will leave your carpet soft and clean, disinfected


Carpet Dry Cleaning Process:


    -  Pre-Vacuum

    -  Pre-Stain Treatment

    -  Furniture Moving

    -  Pre-Spraying of cleaning agents into carpet

    -  Perform Carpet Rake massage to ensure thorough soil separation

    -  Dry Clean your carpet with rotary dry clean machine to remove dirt and spots from carpets

    -  Carpet grooming to unify the carpet pile and help it dry quicker

    -  Result - Spot free carpets that you can walk on almost immediately. Leaves your carpet

       softer, cleaner and baby fresh.






Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Whether you are in a small or large business office, church, restaurant, or retail establishment, etc., Drytech Carpet Cleaning is the solution. We will provide you with the best service possible. Our cleaners are professionally trained to design a full maintenance program suited to your individual needs.




Pet / Carpet Stain and Odor Removal & Treatment


Removing deep, set-in pet or other type stains from your carpet can be difficult  Depending on the type and size of stain, we will discuss the best treatment option for your situation. Drytech makes no warranties regarding the removal of urine odor or stains.


Protein-based stains, like blood or milk, need to be treated with cold water to prevent the stain from setting into your carpet. Dye based stains (i.e. fruit or ink) require hot water and possibly detergent to be removed from carpet.


Drytech Carpet Cleaning has years of experience removing stains. Call today for an estimate and let us help you determine the best solution for stubborn carpet stains.


For emergency stain tips:  - CLICK HERE -


Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning


Drytech can clean both your area and Oriental rugs, even if they are on hardwood floors.

Regardless whether your rugs were purchased at a department store or an antique

auction, our experienced technicians will make them look their best. We have extensive

experience delicately cleaning rugs made from wool to silk.




Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning


We at Drytech can clean, disinfect and deodorize your upholstery...


In many cases we restore furniture to look like new. We can apply a fabric protectant to new

and freshly cleaned furniture that repels rather than attracts dirt.


We use state-of-the-art cleaning technology to safely clean your upholstery with minimal risk

and excellent results.


We hand clean and condition your furniture with a specially formulated solution to

maximize the life of the fabric. It will look restored when finished.


For fabric protection we use a specially formulated Fabric Protection Solution designed to be

very durable. This provides a barrier to protect against spills and body oils.






Water Damage Clean-Up


Drytech provides 24 hour, seven day emergency services to your business or home. We

also offer cleaning for your car, boat, or RV. With our advanced carpet care technology,

we will deliver quality service and great results.





Grout and Tile Cleaning


Cooking, bathing and everyday wear can stain your tile and grout, leaving it looking old and

worn out. Drytech can bring back that sparkling shine, making your kitchen and bathroom

look beautiful again.







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